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Village of Malone Alerts



For Immediate Release


On December 7, 2023, the Malone Village Police Department was alerted to a series of alarming online threats being made against the Mayor of the Village of Malone, the Village of Malone Police Department, the Franklin County Court House, and other local entities.


Through the cooperative and diligent efforts of local and regional law enforcement agencies, officials identified Eugene Burdash as the main suspect. Mr. Burdash has been taken into custody in Plattsburgh by law enforcement for questioning.


"We take any threat against our public institutions and their employees very seriously," said Village of Malone Police Chief, William Andre, emphasizing the gravity of the situation. "All cooperating agencies acted swiftly and efficiently to ensure the safety of all involved and to uphold the integrity of our community institutions."


The Village of Malone would like to offer its sincerest appreciation to all Law Enforcement agencies that responded without delay to this threat, including the New York State Police, the Plattsburgh Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the Clinton County Sherrif’s Department, the Franklin County Sherrif’s department and the Malone Village Police Department.